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Hello, I’m Elizabeth Minor of “PLEASED PETS” – the proud owner and founder of MEAT MUFFINS for dogs. “PLEASED PETS” offers the dog owner a healthier home prepared alternative to » commercial dog foods.

PLEASED PETS provide dog food supplements using only HUMAN GRADE quality ingredients as well as hormone and antibiotic free meats. MEAT MUFFINS are also free of wheat, corn and soy. There are absolutely no additives, dyes or preservatives used in MEAT MUFFINS.

Aug2010-05MEAT MUFFINS come in three recipes: » Chicken,» Beef and » Elk. The ingredients are carefully prepared, baked and then frozen for easy use.

Feeding your dog/s MEAT MUFFINS with their ration of premium dry dog food and proper exercise will help ensure their health and happiness for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in the “Pleased Pets” MEAT MUFFINS.

Yours truly,


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